Bo Ewald Redner

Bo Ewald

D-Wave Systems Inc.: President

Robert “Bo” Ewald leads D-Wave’s international business as President and is responsible for global customer operations for the company.  Mr. Ewald has a long history with other leading technology organizations, government projects, and industry efforts.  He has experience in large and startup businesses having been the CEO of visualization and HPC leader Silicon Graphics Inc., President of supercomputing leader Cray Research, President and CEO of Linux pioneer Linux Networx and Executive Chairman of Perceptive Pixel, Inc.  He started his career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he led the Computing and Communications Division.  He has served on the boards of directors of both public and private companies and has participated in numerous government and industry panels and committees.  He was appointed to the President’s Information Technology Advisory Council by both the Clinton and Bush administrations.

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