Dale Herigstad

Seespace: Co-Founder

Dale Herigstad is an internationally recognized thought leader on the future of media consumption in an interactive and many-screen world of increasingly rich media interfaces. With an extensive background in Broadcast Design and branding, he has pioneered a unique spatial context approach to designing advanced navigation systems for Interactive TV and connected screens. From this work are emerging new content mediums that blur the line between TV and Games and, in fact, Dale was also engaged with a variety of Schematic teams to redefine what Television is becoming.


Dale now works as Chief Interaction Officer, APAC & EMEA at Possible Worldwide, a global agency that creates meaningful and measurable interactive marketing. The firm develops solutions across the full range of digital media including mobile, Web, television, digital-out-of-home, tablet, touch, online advertising and social media, bringing technology and creativity together in new ways that drive consumer interest and business growth.


Dale was a part of the research team that developed the visionary gestural interfaces that first appeared in the film Minority Report, and is now leading development work in the rapidly emerging world of gestural navigation for screens at a distance.

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