Frank Ahearn

Frank Ahearn

The Digital Hitman: Author

Frank Ahearn was an FBI agent and the #1 bounty hunter in the world. He was the person who found Monica Lewinsky after her affair with Bill Clinton. His files include names like Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Harrison, and Ozzy Osborne. Ahearn spent 30 years grabbing people out of their hiding places, from Belgium to Belize. But then he switched sides. Today his clients range from unhappily married people wanting to hide from their spouses to wealthy industry magnates afraid of kidnappers and thieves. They all have one desire: to have a private life in spite of all the data, all the interconnection, and all the surveillance! And Frank Ahearn can give it to them. He's a pro at it. He calls himself the "Digital Hitman." His recipe for privacy in today's world of omnipresent transparency is "counterespionage": Not less data, but more! How to disappear from Big Brother?

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