Jonathan Hegranes

Jonathan Hegranes

Kittyhawk: Co-Founder, CEO


Jon is a naturally born capitalist, passionate about designing for the user experience, playing the long game, and disrupting ourselves (before someone else does). He began his career in finance and consulting and was a CFA charterholder before gravitating towards startup technology companies. Jon has worked for a publishing and social startup in New York City, a fintech startup in San Francisco, as well as started a number of his own ventures including the sale of his startup in the shareable economy space.


Jon is currently CEO & Co-Founder of, providing enlightened drone operations software to UAV operators and large commercial UAV teams spanning insurance, inspection, construction, energy, media and entertainment verticals. Kittyhawk has a pilot-first philosophy, but is also active in industry endeavors and is a member of the FAA’s UAS Safety Team.

Jon is a certified commercial drone pilot as part of FAA Part 107. He graduated from TCU with a major in business, received his MBA from Thunderbird Global School of Management (ASU), and is a self-taught iOS developer.

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