20.06.2018 | Sheena Urwin

How and why artificial intelligence can and must significantly improve police work

For Sheena Urwin, Head of Criminal Justice at Durham Constabulary, one thing is certain: in the police service of the future, close cooperation between man and machine will be of central importance alongside cross-sector networks of experts.

In her speech, Urwin shows how Artificial Intelligence will enable police officers to work more efficiently over the next few years and make them better decision-makers. In this context, she presents, among other things, the new development "HART" (Harm Assessment Risk Tool) - a system based on artificial intelligence that investigates criminal behavior at the individual level, identifies repeat offenders and thus serves to prevent crime.

Sheena Urwin also stresses the challenges that such technological developments pose for the police service: In addition to ethical and legal issues, transparency and data quality play an important role in law enforcement. In the future, all these aspects must be incorporated into the development of tools such as HART to train highly qualified police officers. 

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