21.06.2018 | Ira S. Pastor

The biological revolution - how brain death will be curable before cancer

Will we overcome death? Ira Pastor and his company Bioquark are dedicated to this ancient human question.

Her work focuses on the so-called 3 R's - regeneration, reversion of diseases and revitalisation/rejuvenation in age-related diseases - with the aim of enabling a better future for people. Complex organ regeneration, the transition from cancer to a series of harmlessly manageable diseases and the blurring of the boundaries between life and death - all these are no longer mere ideas for Ira Pastor, but the near future. However, complex biological mechanisms require much more bio-pharmaceutical interventions.

In his speech at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress he therefore emphasises how much potential and knowledge can be found in nature. Ira Pastor points out that, against this background, recent research already sheds light on completely new ways in which non-human organic products can have a positive effect on people's health and well-being. Thus, the reversal of death could be an event that will be brought to our attention even before the reversal of human aging.

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