12.09.2016 | Prof. Dr. Henrik Schärfe

The Future of Technology: How Life with Doubles Is Becoming a Reality

In Asia, technologies are now in use that will not appear elsewhere until the future. There, the far-reaching changes endemic to demographic change are already recognized and addressed by systems and solutions. In Korea, cleaning robots are on the market today and are a common feature of daily life. In Japan, small robots already have become part of the family. 

In Europe, in contrast, the use of robots is still cynically questioned. We by no means see robots as equal partners.  

Henrik Schärfe has already created his personal double. In his keynote, he speaks about how humanoid robots are becoming strikingly similar to us, when they will become able to speak and gesticulate just as we do, and how we will react to the emergence of these doppelgaenger. How will our conceptions of identity change through the future of this technology?



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