30.07.2016 | Johann Jungwirth

Roadmap Mobility 2026: The Transformation of an Industry

Johann Jungwirth, innovation mastermind of DaimlerChrysler, Apple, and Volkswagen, opened our Future Congress in 2016. A native of Romania with a degree in engineering, his first work at the cutting edge of mobility goes back to his time with DaimlerChrysler in Silicon Valley, where he worked in the field of autonomous driving. At Volkswagen, he was hired as CDO to give new impetus to the group. During his speech "Vision: Technology 2026," Jungwirth discussed his personal passion: the digitalization of mobility. 

Jungwirth spoke about how the automobile industry will change in the next ten years, about how cars will become service providers, and what opportunities will appear when humans are no longer behind the wheel.

The pioneering expert uses various life stories and his personal standards to illustrate what this will mean for the industry – and for every individual. A future almost close enough to touch, one which is already being worked on in Silicon Valley. Learn what advantages this project will bring to the table, and join us as we dive into a vision of the not-too-distant future.

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