20.06.2012 | Marcello Maggioni

The story of the Sky rulebreaker and the future of entertainment

Changes in businesses not only create insecurity among markets or our coworkers or jobmarket competitors. They also unnerve our customers, who then have to adjust to a new corporate image. Thus it will be important for disruptive strategies in the future that their results are also embraced by consumers.

Marcello Maggioni is responsible for marketing, sales, CRM, and market and business intelligence at Sky Deutschland AG. At the 2b AHEAD Future Congress, he spoke about how pay TV network Sky has successfully challenged the hegemony of free TV on the German market – and how it is conquering one market segment after another through his business model. Maggioni also explains what difficulties naturally accompany rulebreaker strategies, and how rulebreakers can best deal with skepticism. How do you overcome the habitual stubbornness of your customers, your coworkers, and your industry?

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