21.06.2018 | Zoltan Istvan

The transhuman society

Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan presents in his keynote at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress the vision of a world in which people and machines merge.

He provided examples of companies that are already investing in the production of performance-enhancing implants. According to his prognosis, the healing of diseases is only a useful side effect: "Transhumanism will get people out of wheelchairs, cure blindness and deafness will no longer exist". Topics supported by transhumanism include cryonics, biohacking, singularity and the use of 3D printers or artificial organs as well as brain implants.

Zoltan Istvan tells of a drastic experience in Vietnam, which brought him to transhumanism and how he then leads his election campaign for the Transhumanist Party in the USA. Even if the votes are not enough to win, they are still enough to draw attention to the issue of transhumanism.

A philosophical mindset that can help people with disabilities and those who want to improve biologically. Zoltan Istvan is certain: "For all entrepreneurs begins a golden age of the things that you can do to modify the human body - the future is transhuman!"

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