20.06.2018 | Michihito Matsuda

Politics 2028 - Why Artificial Intelligence will replace politicians

With a powerful performance and a loud bang - this is how Michihito Matsuda begins his lecture on a topic that could mean an equally loud bang for the future of mankind.

As mayor candidate of the city of Tama in Japan, he demands nothing less than the appointment of an artificial intelligence as the political guide for his region. He is firmly convinced that AI make fair and better political decisions and eliminate economic inequality. By capturing the political will of each individual citizen in real time, AI will be able to enable a new form of direct democracy and break outdated hierarchical patterns.

Together with other visionaries, Michihito Matsuda founded the party "AI party over Japan" and is certain that by 2050 all politicians will be replaced by artificial intelligences. He also emphasises the crucial role that equality between humans and robots and the transfer of human rights will play for the future of our planet.

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