20.06.2018 | Marten Kaevats

Living the future already - attitude, mentality and culture in Estonia

In a enthusiastic speech at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress, Marten Kaevats uses closely linked examples to explain where the Estonian government is using digitisation as a service provider today and what next steps it is planning - keyword: e-residency.

So it is possible to establish a company in Estonia within 10 minutes - online! On average, the tax return only takes 3 minutes - online! Go to the polls - online! The land of unlimited digital possibilities: Except for the purchase and sale of land and real estate and your own marriage, everything can be done from your laptop. According to Kaevats, his country is already 10 years ahead of other European countries: online banking since 1992, tax declaration online since 2001, a digital school system and first in the PISA test.

The National Digital Advisor describes his country as an example and a driving force for other countries to open up to new technologies such as Blockchain and to urgently deal with the associated cultural change.

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