21.06.2017 | Dr. Randal Koene

The other side of the singularity - The dynamics of brain uploading

What will humans do when we are demoted to being the second most intelligent species on earth? Initiative 2045, founded by Russian oligarch Dmitry Itskov, examines the future of human life on earth after the point when computers have surpassed human intelligence. What tasks will humans take on in the future, and what will be our part in the operating system of the world?


Why not try a brain upload? Substrate independent minds are systems whereby mechanisms of the human mind are translated into computer languages and uploaded to a computer. Should such a replica of the human mind be possible, then humans could theoretically live on forever in the virtual world – or survive in bodiless form in hostile environments, such as on space missions to distant parts of the universe.


At the 16th Future Congress, the Chief of Neuroscience & Systems Strategy of Kernel spoke of eternal life – i.e., about how you can continue to exist in a virtual world as a brain upload long after your death.

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