21.06.2017 | Bo Ewald

Think Quantum – How quantum computers will revolutionize our world

The steam engine. The railway. Electricity. The automobile. Penicillin. Atomic energy. Computers. The internet. They have all changed the world – and with it, business as well. The next big revolution will be quantum Computers.

The computing power of these computers will dwarf everything we have ever seen. They will be capable of analyzing extremely complex situations and accurately predicting future outcomes. This is why it’s no wonder that Google’s algorithm experts, IBM’s Watson developers, and the cryptography geniuses at the NSA are scrambling for first place in the race to develop quantum computers. These machines, however, will mean fundamental changes not only to our markets, but to our living and working environments as well. And they will open up a new universe of possibilities for tomorrow’s business models.

This keynote will reveal what the world will look like in 2027, when quantum computers have become part of everyday life. What will this mean for your life, your work, and your leadership skillset?


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