21.06.2017 | Maria Ritola

Iris AI – Tomorrow’s research assistant

Even today, there are already decisions that computers are better at making than humans: What is the best move in this game of Go? What is the optimal route for avoiding today’s morning traffic? At the same time, our world is becoming increasingly complicated. For most decisions made by companies today, the consequences are too complex for humans to fully identify or predict. But before AIs can make these complicated decisions for us, they have to be told what value system their decisions should be based on. Who will teach humanity to machines, and how? Who decides what is considered right or wrong? Wouldn’t it actually be better to view computer learning as our collective responsibility, a kind of socialization process? Will the singularity lead to equality between machines and human beings? Will we all need to take part in teaching intelligent computers to be more human?


Iris is your new research assistant. “She” is an AI in search of a great career. CMO Maria Ritola explained at the 16th Future Congress how Iris will shape science and business.

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