21.06.2018 | Yuval Mor

About detecting real-time emotions for online sales, disease prevention and job interviews

Our technologies accompany us in a variety of forms and languages. Thanks to artificial intelligence, voice and emotion analyses in real time and offline are no longer a dream of the future.

Yuval Mor takes his audience at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress into a world in which it will be possible to draw conclusions about patients' health problems based on the voice of a person ("tone of the voice"). He and his team have already succeeded in reliably identifying heart problems in patients using so-called "vocal biomarkers". Especially in remote regions or when working with older people, everyday communication with smart home objects will be sufficient in the future to compare data on vital signs and ensure long-term monitoring even outside the hospital.

Yuval Mor is confident that the use of AI for voice analysis will find a wide range of applications, and not just in healthcare. Even in everyday use, virtual assistants would then be able to perceive people's current feelings and thus take the interaction between man and machine to the next level.

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