21.06.2018 | Rick Ifland

You'll see: A new platform for virtual and augmented reality - does this replace the smartphone?

In his speech at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress, Rick Ifland, CEO of Omega Ophthalmics, presented his company's vision of incorporating smart eyewear into cataract surgery.

The aim is not to implant the technique on the eye, but rather as a lens directly in the eye through surgical intervention. Unlike traditional 2D lenses used in this type of operation, the Omega lens provides 3D positioning control and can be customized for each patient. The technique is applied at a point in the eye where additional implants can also be inserted without discomfort or nerve damage. "Sooner or later, we could have room in our eye for up to 20 mini computers," predicts Ifland.

In the future, contact lenses will replace device screens so that an iPhone in the hand will become completely superfluous and we will be able to see both Virtual and Augmented Reaillty without glasses.

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