21.06.2018 | Dr. André Choulika

Man as programmer of life

André Choulika, CEO of Cellectis, described the new possibilities of genetics for the next ten years with the necessary tact at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress.

He predicts: In the future, genome editing will make it possible to rewrite our DNA code and thus remove all limitations genetically anchored in humans. Choulika speaks of an update of the human genome and a transition of Sapiens 1.0 to a new human cell that will no longer show any mutations. Will we have finally defeated the most dangerous human diseases such as cancer in the near future?

Andé Choulika is certain: "People will upgrade themselves and develop into programmers of life. In the future it will even be possible to create completely new forms of life with the help of bioinformatics, sequencing and robotics technologies so that artificial organisms will probably colonise our planet within the next decades.

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