20.06.2018 | Prof. Mariano Andrenucci

Intelligent satellite generations - Our future in space

Prof. Mariano Andrenucci, Head of Space Propulsion Division at SITAEL S.P.A., definitely sees the future of mankind in space and believes that we will visit destinations far beyond the moon in the next decades.

SITAEL is currently working on technologies that will make it possible to adapt the human body to a life in space and thus make career dreams or founding a family outside planet Earth no longer appear utopian.

In his speech at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress, Andrenucci emphasizes the importance of huge satellite constellations and the associated possibility of distributing intelligence in a network. He and his team are already working on a generation of satellites that can change their orbits and interact within the network using electronic propulsion and very small amounts of fuel. Imagine that, like the network of cells in our brain.

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