21.06.2018 | Dr. Nathan Treff

The era of healthy children

"Genetic investigations combined with CRISPR technology have the potential to change human evolution forever" - that is how Dr. Nathan Treff, CSO of Genomic Prediction, begins his comments on a world in which diseases such as diabetes, depression and Parkinson's will soon belong to the past.

Individual genetic defects in the DNA of embryos can already be predicted today. But for Nathan Treff and his team this is only the tip of the iceberg. His goal is to extend genetic tests to complex genetic mutations and not only to detect them, but also to treat them. With the help of "Genome Editing" it will be possible to exchange mutated genomes or use missing genomes so that these diseases can be cured even before the child is born.

And Nathan Treff promises the listeners of the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress even more: "Soon you will no longer need sexual organs to conceive children; sperm and eggs can already be generated from a skin cell in the future.

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