21.06.2018 | Dr. Simon Kos

Big Picture 2028 - how new technologies will revolutionize healthcare

A future in which we no longer get sick - can you imagine that? As Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft, Dr. Simon Kos is convinced that this future will come.

Using four different scenarios, Kos presents the healthcare of tomorrow at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress and paints an image of how Artificial Intelligence, Interfaces and Mixed Reality Experiences are taking medical care to a whole new level.

"Medicine is data rich, but information poor - this needs to be changed," says Kos: "With the help of real-time data stream analysis, in future it should be possible to make complex predictions about the health status of patients and thus reduce the risk of illness to zero; holograms should be able to treat patients far away from hospitals in the future and our current doctors will reach a new virtual stage of development as so-called "health bots". Dr. Simon Kos promises all this and more. Will it eventually be possible to eliminate epidemics before they even break out?



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