20.06.2018 | Michael Lynn Hammar

How virtual music technology will change the future entertainment industry of pop music

Her voice inspires a whole country and with her unique character she manages to sell out stadiums within a few minutes - Luo Tianyi has everything that distinguishes a real pop star - at least almost everything, because she doesn't have a human body.

Behind the most successful 3D hologram pop singer are Michael Lynn Hammar and his company ThStars. With virtual artists and a UGC culture (User Generated Content) they want to revolutionize the music industry. The aim should be to include the contribution of each individual with the help of artificial intelligence and thus create a multi-layered virtual identity. "Already in next year," predicts Michael Lynn Hammar, "we will be at the point where the listener can no longer perceive the difference between virtually created content and reality. The users themselves are the most important actors in this process, because they will play a greater role than ever in shaping the development of the music landscape in the future.

ThStars was awarded the 2b AHEAD Entertainment Award 2018 at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress for the idea and development of the virtual superstar!

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