21.06.2018 | Richard Chung

Mobility Disruption 2028 - on the way towards becoming an instant society

Richard Chung is Vice President for Innovation & Design at Adient and spoke at the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress about Disruption in the Mobility Industry.

He is convinced that mobility will become a commodity in the next decade and sees autonomous driving as the most important driver for this development. When asked what we will do when a car takes us from A to B on its own, Richard Chung has several answers: The car will become a place for work, meetings, hygiene, food and more - will the slogan 'don't drink and drive' then become superfluous?

"Our society is becoming an instant society," predicts Chung. We want faster access to everything and everywhere - especially when it comes to being mobile. This will be made possible by central platforms, keyword Shared Economy. According to Richard Chung, there will ultimately be four simple success factors for the mobility of the future: "Accessibility", "Affordability", "Accountability" and "Safety".

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